Minggu, 17 April 2016

Long Road To be a Student; About Support System

Having up and down along these three years because of something called scholarship application makes me understand that what i need for a big plan is a great support system.

Among my collagues in office, I'm the only one now who plan to continue my study abroad rather than thinking about reaching the next step of my personal life through marriage. Due to this case, I received many question about why I choose study than having husband or many simple statements (which is not simple at all) such as :
"having a phd will create difficulties for me to get a husband"
"You supposed to think about having a baby than having a phd"

Those statements and questions are one of the hardest part of this plan. More people are taking on disagree side than agree to your plan while you actually not asking for their agreement.

Not only your colleagues will against you, sometimes, you need to against your close circle such as your parents, siblings or even your bestiest. It is much more difficult to consider what your close persons think than any other opinion.

Sometimes when i take a deep breath, I also wondering, is it too hard to people to be somebody's dream supporter? Is it difficult for them to understand that each person has different vision?

That is the reason why I choose to share my dream just to several people who will listen and support me through their wishes and pray instead of ask those annoying question. Because this scholarship journey is a very long and winding road, full of emotional things and demands a lot of energy. Having good and supported people around you when you have a tiring journey will mean a lot.

And if you cant have one, then be one..

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