Jumat, 09 Oktober 2015

Wedding Invitation and The Single Lady

This week, I got two wedding invitation and both of them came from my closest circle. One is my friend's sister and the other one came from my late student. This weekend became a very full wedding event every where, maybe because of the special dates 10-10-15 or because Iedul Adha has just passed already and months after that became good time for wedding celebration.

Having my organizing my two sister's wedding several years ago, I know that Its always nice to wonder how busy and stressful the preparation is. You have to organize family meeting, choose the catering, find the wedding tenant, create the invitation, and many big and small stuffs. And I really enjoyed it

but It was several years ago
Lately, I can't easily enjoy the before, on going and after wedding event held around me. 
Thus, I also can't enjoy being in wedding party for couple hours except on my very close person wedding.

Having someone invites me to his/her special occasion its actually makes me feel happy. Because I do happy when someone finally found his or her destiny and I wish i will have that privilege soon, especially when it is happened to people that I know well. I do sometimes envy, but still, my happines is much bigger than my envy. I almost have no reason not to happy when everyone's happy

If it is so, then why the wedding party became not necessarily my happy thing ?

Its because I just can't answer any question related to when will i get married nicely anymore. And its simply because I really don't know when the time for me happened exactly. I really don't and I cant stop people to ask me.

I already try to answer with :

" smiley face"
"I dont know, do you have any candidates for me?"
"My future husband is just lost in somewhere else, maybe he need time to find a way home"

and it comes with another non-stop statements and questions like :

"I'm not capable to find you a candidate, your education is just too high for a man"
"I'm not capable, why don't you ask your parents?"
 "Its hard to find someone fix to you, your appearance is not good looking"


then lately, I answered with :

"I don't know, may you just ask Allah?"
or asked them to send me a pray so that I can see my lifetime partner soon instead of keep asking and commenting my single life

Is it too much to ask?


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