Rabu, 07 Oktober 2015

Being Thirty Something

When I was on my 20, I will worry about will I get a good job or will someone asks me to go out with him only. But still, I didn't have to worry that much because I have a lot of not-official-someone to go out with. Also, I have a lot of girl friends to chit chat. even when I didn't have money because of jobless, I still can ask some to my parent. Life is easy and colorful at that time. 

I'm not saying that life in thirty something become black, grey and white and not colorful. But sometime it feels like you live to please everyone around you. You have to deal more about how to let people (and their opinion) come into your life. You have also need to think more about who you need to maintain your interaction with and whom you have to delete; permanent or temporary from your social media account, your messenger contact or even from your phone book. You have to wisely choose updates in social media timeline to be read. Your friends from many circles will or already married, so you will across the time from you were so envy seeing your best friend got married until you pass the time when you are the only one among your group who is not yet tie the knot. So, you have to understand that everything will not be the same since that day. 

And its getting harder when you are thirty-something and single. Your life will be fulfilled with not only that classic question; like when will you get married, but also some random questions which became relevant to your age; like why you still use motorbike instead of buying car, how much your salary is, what is your investments, etc and those question will be asked for you anywhere. 

Even If you met someone, you will find out that many people will happy. But you will also know that more people doubting you. Some of them will say that he is not fixed to your status; education or salary or family and some will say that he is not fix to your physical thingy; shorter, fatter or thinner. Some will say don't be too hurry after keep asking why you stay single. 

When you choose to focus on your career, education or your any other dream, some people will happily support you because they believe that career, pursuing another degree or travelling around the world should be enjoyed while you're single. But believe me, that there more people out there will tell you that your career, education or your hobbies will create further distance between you and your future husband because, according to their opinion, man will loose his confidence while facing a successful high education woman. 

Then I finally found out that being thirty something for me is more difficult than I ever thought but its give me many lessons learned. By this year, I will reach my 33. I am single, have a good and nice job, not having some certain amount of fixed and growth assets, plan to continue my degree soon. I already deal with those things; good or bad and learning, that being thirty something forced me to choose everything that fixed to me wisely. And the most important thing for me is, I stop trying to please everyone. Its better to save my energy for creating more happiness for someone that I supposed to please. She is me, My self and I


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